Whiskey (with the E) refers to any distilled spirit made from a cereal grain.

Whisky (without the E) refers primarily to Scotch.

This site is about Whisky.

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Effective November 19, 2019, all Corporate, Private, and In-Home events are suspended until further notice. In the meantime, please enjoy the Articles page of this website.

Scotch Whisky (Whiskey) Tastings

Our Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tastings are unique events, perfect as a birthday, anniversary, client appreciation, or other special celebrations. Our educational presentations are also ideal for local Scotch clubs. Whether at a classy or casual venue, Scotch lovers, both old hands and beginners, experience the wide range of aromas and flavors that describe Scotland’s premier export. Scotch Whisky Tastings last about an hour, during which questions such as these will be answered: 

• What is the difference between “whisky”, “whiskey”, "Bourbon”, “Scotch”?
• Why is it called a single malt? Is there a double malt?
• How is a single malt different than a blended whisky?
• What is peat, and how does it fit in?
• What about using ice in single malt whisky?
• Is older, more expensive whisky better?

How Much Do Scotch Whisky Tastings Cost?

The cost of the experience starts at $350. Here’s what needs to be determined before a final price can be quoted:

• The approximate number of attendees actually sampling
• Venue for the event
• Quantity, selection, and procurement (with no markup) of the Scotch
• Quantity and type of drinkware, with the option of renting professional Glencairn tasting glasses
• Possible transportation fee

About Your Host, Ray Pearson

I am a single malt Scotch expert, with over 30 years’ experience in whisky education. Following retirement as Glenfiddich’s U.S. Brand Ambassador, I have represented many other major brands at national, corporate, and private events. As a resident of Lacey, Washington, I host small tastings in my Scottish themed home. Costs for these events are lower than above, so please ask for details.

Scotch Whisky Tastings in Lacey, WA

Service Area

Lacey, Olympia, and Tacoma, Washington.